The importance of being a 2.0 journalist

Nowadays we are facing a completely new way to communicate and get information, leading to the development of the Internet and the WWW.

The time when we used to listen the radio or watch the news on the TV just processing all the information is over. Today anybody with a device with internet connection can search the information that really need without any intermediary, and what it is even more important: Internet users are able to produce their own content.

This, leaded to the conjunction of communication formats (video, audio and written content), place us in the most exciting period of the communication field since the invention of the television.

Here is where we should realise of the  the necessity of journalism on the Internet to face all the “noise” that is being generated by all those users generated content , and not to loose news quality over quantity.

Internet, unlike the opinion of many old fashioned communicators , has to be seen as the  future of journalism, due to the numerous possible usages and possibilities.

Above all we have to think, as journalists, in the importance of  the Internet network in the development of our career. And to talk about keeping people connected means to  underline the effect of social media in our job.

Social media is helping journalists to promote their work and professional profiles in a way quite unlikely to reach in other communication fields. For this reason, nowadays it is a common practice to ask in a job interview for your profile in Linkedln, podcast, video or a personal blog, instead of showing phisical copies of your work.

Fruthermore, news agencies want that you keep a journalistic profile to promote your job and the company´s brand.

When I used to work for a press agency I created a Twitter profile just to share my work linked to the name of the agency. That did not just helped me to build a good reputation, and a wide network of contact, but also It helped me to learn that if I wanted to be taken seriously as journalist I had to separate my job and my daily life.

In this way, in a common space where everybody can share, upload and comment, I will be able to stand out, buck up by my background and knowledge.

Journalism, as many other careers, is extremenly competitive. But after created my online image It has been much easier to be recognised  and valued for my articles than I used to before.

Moreover, the Web 2.0 provides us with a platform where we can show all our potential dovetailing all the communication format. We do not have to choose anymore between newspaper, radio or television, we can learn how to be an expert in every field.

For example, a blog like wordpress allow us to combine text, audio and video in a proffesional and personal space, and  online programs like help to develop  graph an chart in a interactive, useful and visual way that it is making journalism more understandable for every kind of internet user.

Therefore, and to conclude, I am highly motivated to learn the opportunities that The Internet could provide me to be able to tell the same story in video, audio or writing in the same context even at the same time! The possibilities are boundlessness.


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