Victories and defeats: Pedro Sánchez , Galicia and Basque Country and how to survive to an ungoverned country

Monday september 26th, after 276 days without goverment in Spain the week start with the results of the regional elections in Galicia and Basque Country and a surprising announcement from the leader of the main left party in Spain (PSOE), Pedro Sanchéz.

The elections left a result more than expected in both regions: in Galicia the candidate from the conservative party (Partido Popular) Alberto Núñez Feijóo won again with and absolute mayority and in the Basque Country Iñigo Urkull from the nationalist party PNV place himself in a better position than four years ago, but still he will have to pact with other party if he want to be president again.

Read this article from EL PAIS IN ENGLISH to understand better the importance of this elections

The only surprise of this elections, although for many political analistysts it was not a surprise, was the lost of votes from PSOE.

In each region they have lost four seats in the parlament and in the Basque Country the have been one of the parties less voted, behind the new left party, leaded by the carismatic Pablo Iglesias, PODEMOS.

As way to analyse the reason of these results Pedro Sánchez convened this morning all his team in a Ejecutive Comision of PSOE in their headquarters in Madrid.But what nobody was expected was that will lead to a future deep change for the party: Pedro Sázchez announced a new Federal Congress for the party to choose a new leader next october 23rd (article in spanish).

Pedro Sánchez visiting Mazarrón, Spain (Movile phone quality)

This decisition just show how the imposivility for the PSOE to form a goverment and do not leave other parties to do it just has increase the internal crisis that started almost one year ago.

Some voices from the party have criticised this desition from Pedro Sáchez, in a period where Spain is still without goverment and if after october nobody is able yo form a goverment we will go for first time in our history to a thirds elections.

Tweet from @EduMadina (PSOE): “Deep electoral sinking. They have to assume responsabilities and change the dirention of PSOE.A congress now will bring as to new elections”.

But the continuous deterioration of the candidate Sánchez and his negative to accept another goverment by Mariano Rajoy (PP), and with his party colleagues reproaching his attitude, leave in the horizon a likely outlook with a new candidate from PSOE and the shawdow of a new elections in Christmas day.


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