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The vintage clothes event “Weigh & Pay” come back to Birmingham

Weight and Pay event last year in Birmingham

All bargain lovers are invited another year to the famous Vintage Weigh & Pay event that will take place at of St Martin´s church in the Bull Ring on Saturday 8th October.

This shopping event, where you pay for the weight and not for an item, is the brainchild of two big Sheffield names, Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair and the local  vintage store Mooch Vintage.

The Vintage Weigh & Pay will offer all Brummies extremely cheap vintage clothing from the 1960s to the 1980s at only £15 per kilo ( and you can pay by cash or card). The doors of St Martin will open from 11 am to 5 PM, paying  in the entrance just £1,50. But for those that do not want to miss the chance to take as many clothes as they can there is an early bird entrance at 10 AM for £3 only.


Oriente Medio

Convoca: The power of networking and data journalism

Website of Convoca

A group of reporters, researchers, and data analysts has become a referent in investigative and data journalism in South America developing the team Convoca, revealing scandals and government abuses in a national and international scale, like the well-known Panama Papers.

Their work, since Convoca was founded one year and a half ago in Perú, has been recognised with some important awards like the 2016 Journalistic Excellence Award, granted by the Inter-American Press Association (SIP) and the Data Journalism Awards 2016.

This is even more impressive knowing how low develop is this kind of journalism on this continent, due to, in the words of one of the founders of Convoca, Aramis Castro: ” some people are afraid to throw themselves into polemic topics or related to the government”.

But Convoca is showing how important is investigative journalism for their country and for the rest of the world, helping to launch recently the first Ibero-American Manual of Data Journalism.

Oriente Medio

Amnesty International autunm campaign: the arab spring five years on

Anti-government protests in Yemen

The global non-profit movement Amnesty International (AI) has decided to focus their effort these last months of the year in a campaign to remember the fifth anniversary of one of the most important political and social moments of this century: the Arab Spring.

The protests that started in Tunisia  and spread rapidly to Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and Syria in 2011 was an event without precedent in the history of these arab countries that helped to restructure some of their government.

But the sad reality is that after this five year the situation in these countries is still between violence and war.

For that reason, AI has seen necessary to remember the need to help to protect their basic rights, with a campaign that, for four months, It will try to pressure the government of this countries to stop attacking civil people or incarcerate someone for express their opinions.


Over 1,000 people concentrated in the heart of Birmingham to protest against Tories politics


Birmingham has been the witness of one of the biggest national demonstration in the last period. Many organisations, headed by THE PEOPLES ASSAMBY, were calling yesterday to protest against the government´s policies in front of Birmingham city council in Victoria square, at the same time that it was taking place the Conservative Party Conference 2016 just half mile away from there.

The demonstration started, followed by a strong police presence, at 11.30, where activists, participants, students and members of dozen of groups took part in a massive speech in the middle of the square, focus on the Brexit, education, NHS, cuts, and austerity lead it to their policies and immigration affairs.

This event finished past midday in Millenium Point at Birmingham City University after that all the protesters marched through the city center chanting “TORIES OUT”.