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Amnesty International autunm campaign: the arab spring five years on

Anti-government protests in Yemen

The global non-profit movement Amnesty International (AI) has decided to focus their effort these last months of the year in a campaign to remember the fifth anniversary of one of the most important political and social moments of this century: the Arab Spring.

The protests that started in Tunisia  and spread rapidly to Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and Syria in 2011 was an event without precedent in the history of these arab countries that helped to restructure some of their government.

But the sad reality is that after this five year the situation in these countries is still between violence and war.

For that reason, AI has seen necessary to remember the need to help to protect their basic rights, with a campaign that, for four months, It will try to pressure the government of this countries to stop attacking civil people or incarcerate someone for express their opinions.


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