Sociaties welcome fair: How to keep busy in your university

Today I had the pleasure to attend to an event that I could just see on movies: a welcome fair. For those who don´t know what is all about ( I just discovered few days ago) it is an event where all the societies of the university promote themselves to join their asociation. And unlike Spain or many other European countries sociaties go futher than sports teams.

To make you and idea, do you remeber the movie “Pitch perfect”? So there you go.

Anybody able to start one as member of the university can do it, with a wide range of posivilities for everybody´s pleasure: Film, writing, media, pole dance, Bollywood, Doctor Who, extreme sport…

It is an event highly recomended for international students, since provably they won´t have the chance in their own countries to be part of such us interesting way to know people and enjoy our own hobbies.

But because a photo speaks more a thousand words I took my time to take some pictures to this event ( in this case in Birmingham City University) to share it with those that unknow what it is all about.

There are no many but… what can I say? I was bussy signing for sociaties myself.

Thanks for reading!!!

Cheerleader society
Girls with pizzas from the event
Free bags from BCU
Joining to the film club
People during the fair
The illustration society
One of the free activities outdoors
Enjoying free food
Fotografía, Oriente Medio

City of Religious Tolerance

A falta de material decente y tiempo físico para realizar un reportaje fotográfico en condiciones rescato algunas fotografías del trabajo sobre “Religión y tolerancia” que hice       (en compañía de un buen amigo jordano y otro egipcio) en la ciudad de Madaba, Jornadia, que destaca por tener un 40% de población cristiana, aunque siguen siendo de mayoría islámica, y el mismo número de mezquitas de de iglesias.

Dependiente musulmán leyendo el Corán. Nos relató estuvo casado con una católica durante diez años.
Mujer musulmana acompañada de su amiga cristiana.
Entrada de una iglesia ortodoxa en el centro de Madaba.
Dos hombres nos hablan de la tolerancia religiosa en la ciudad de Madaba.
Una de las muchas mezquitas de Madaba llamada “Jesucristo hijo de María”, una prueba más de la armonía religiosa de la ciudad.
Un hombre bromea acerca de la relación entre musulmanes y cristianos en Madaba.